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          For the curious and patient readers here is a bio which traces some elements of my journey.

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Initially self-taught on the double bass, Franck Cottet Dumoulin was noticed by the famous double bassist Yoan Goïlav, who led him in one year to the end of professional studies at the Lausanne Conservatory, obtaining a teaching diploma .

 He then perfected his skills for 3 years at the Geneva Conservatory in the virtuosity class of Master Franco Petracchi and was admitted to the famous “Academia Chigiana” in Siena (Italy).

At the end of his studies, he was noted for his taste for new musical experiences and for his desire to make the double bass known as a virtuoso instrument and soloist in all forms of music. 


Franck Cottet Dumoulin notably created in France with the “New flora ensemble” “TaBar” by Magdalena Dlugosz for Double Bass Solo and band, as well as 

“Orchester Finalisten” by Karlheinz Stockhausen for Double Bass Solo and tape broadcast in octophony.

He participated in the creation of “Danse orange” by Jean-François Charles for double bass, clarinet, percussion and dancer.


 He is therefore frequently invited as a soloist in various creations for solo double bass, or in other original forms. 


In 2008, he created a Jazz duo with the pianist Moncef Genoud, in 2009 the intuitive music duo “Corde Sensible” with Jean-Marie Reboul and in 2011 a duo with the organist Nicolas Hafner.

He performed regularly with the “Michel Tirabosco Trio” which he created in 2002 with the pan flutist Michel Tirabosco and the pianist Jean-Marie Reboul.

He regularly collaborates with the electronic music group "Lost heritage" created by François Vasseur with whom he also plays in a duo.


He is passionate about contemporary music, modern jazz, improvisation, and particularly for intuitive music which has today become his main and daily “quest”.


The double bass also gives him the joy and privilege of being invited to numerous concert halls: in Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zurich, Siena, Rome, Munich, Liège, Amsterdam, Delft, Krakow, Moscow, Paris, Lyon, Chartres, Bordeaux, Nice, Monte-Carlo, etc…


His career before meeting the double bass was just as eclectic within the Conservatories of Lyon, Annecy, Nice, Lausanne and Geneva:

Choir and orchestra direction, trumpeter, trombonist, analysis and writing classes (harmony, counterpoint, Fugue) and consequently composition.

He studied Musicology at the University of Lyon and obtained a degree and the CAPES.

For 5 years, he also led a Big Band of which he was the initiator.


Over time, Franck Cottet Dumoulin has received numerous prizes, diplomas and certificates from conservatories as well as the sacem prize. 

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