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On my site, you will find some videos, musical excerpts and links to listen to my compositions.

Today I perform in solo concerts around my works on which I mainly play the double bass but also the piano and the flugelhorn, all to recorded preparations of nature sounds, human activities and recordings of my instruments.

About Franck Cottet Dumoulin

Double bass soloist, what a beautiful story!

My arguments to the eternal question “Why play this gigantic and untransportable instrument?” » have always been an evocation of the unique ability to adapt to a multitude of different styles of music.  Being an accompanist for soloists, playing in gigantic orchestras or quite simply in a duo with a pianist, tackling the classical repertoire in an orchestra, the inevitable pages of Bottesini virtuosities, folklore whether Romanian or southern American, French modern jazz, American swing, contemporary music.

In short, the double bass is everywhere!

Paradoxically, with this desire to share and meet musicians which has constantly fueled my vocation, my approach today contrasts with this world to find myself alone with this instrument. I realize that the double bass can do everything, play everything, express everything and every day I discover new aspects of this fabulous “resonance box”.

My desire today is to appear alone on stage and share an emotion with the audience through a moment of intense communion. I sometimes use other instruments that have been part of my journey such as the piano and the flugelhorn, to use the richness of the sounds of nature, to play with electronics or quite simply to transform my double bass into percussion instrument with multiple sounds.

Each concert is a discovery for the public as for me, the careful organization little by little gives way to the intuition which guides my steps, my hands and finally my whole body, and gives birth to my improvisations. 

Over the years my music has changed a lot, the style has become more refined, simple melodies have imposed themselves and little by little the experimental and very technical music has given way to a very organic expression which awakens the senses of the listener and seems to touch him deep in his soul. 

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